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Are You a Lion or a Dog?

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So I was meditating this morning, and I decided to try something new. I usually don’t venture into new guided meditation territory because if the voice is too loud, or too squeeky, or too slow…I can’t focus on anything else and I totally lose my zen. But I was feeling crazy, so I went for it. And it turned out, the guy on the other end of my earbuds was a f*cking genius.

He said to me…”do you have the mind of a lion or the mind of a dog?”

And I was all…”okay man, the eff you talking about…”

And he went on to explain how when a dog is sitting in front of you, and you’re waving a big ol’ bone in his face he is completely entranced by this bone. He follows it madly with its whole head, obsessed with it’s next move. If you were to throw the bone, it would chase after it almost as if it had no choice in the matter. As if his body were not his own.

Now, if it were a Lion sitting in front of you. And you were doing the same thing with the bone (although, I don’t know what this guy was smoking cause no one would ever do that in front of a lion…but his point was pretty dope so I’ll continue) waving it around all over the place, the lion would be fixated on…you. It would notice the bone, but it wouldn’t follow it madly with its eyes. It would acknowledge it more as an annoyance than anything else. Because the whole time you’re waving that stupid bone, it’s looking at you because you’re a big ol bag of bones. YOU are the prize, you are it’s focus and it ignores the distraction bone because it has its sights set on something much greater.

So…do you have a dog mind or a lion mind?

When distractions come your way, do you chase after them? Do you allow them to consume your thoughts, steering you away from your ultimate goal? I know, right? Deep.

But seriously, think about this. And I can speak to this because I, too, am guilty. How many times have you have 5 emails half written, someone sitting on hold, a bazillion tabs open on your computer while you’re trying to research a trip and also have dinner cooking in the oven. Ya…been there. No shit nothing ever gets done – you are living in distraction city! You are chasing EVERY distraction that comes your way. And by chasing all of these stupid bones, you never feel like you ever have enough time in the day. You are always exhausted by the end of it all and you never feel truly accomplished.

Can I get an AMEN!?

What if you were to ruthlessly focus on the task at hand before moving on to the next thing (I know, I’m full of crazy ideas today)? Don’t you think you would be able to finish that task SO much faster and better without feeling overwhelmed and anxious? And leave time at the end of the day for all the extra stuff that was trying to distract you along the way? We need to get better at triaging incoming information, girlfriend. We need to assess what the task is, delegate (assign it to someone else), defer (wait until later to address it) or delete it (unimportant sh*t that bogs down your inbox and tempts you to get even further distracted because you need to know what the top 10 best recipes to lose 10lbs by next week are).

Repeat that to yourself: Delegate, Defer, or Delete….Delegate, Defer, or Delete.

There are other tricks I like to use now too.

Here are my top 4 faves

  • Keep my cell phone on silent in another room…upside down…under a pillow until my task is complete. Yes, I go to extreme measures because…mega distraction zone!
  • Only open my email in a tab on my computer during specific times when I actually want to get sucked into my inbox.
  • Make a list, the day before in order of importance, what I need to get done that day. Do not skip ahead, do not waste time planning – take action on the list! Check, check, check. Going into each day with a clear plan makes it so much easier to (a) feel accomplished and (b) stay focused on the task at hand
  • Stay in my lane – I do not waste my time messing about with stuff that someone else can do 10x faster and a million times better than I can. Learn to outsource the things that bog you down. Currently on my list of outsourcing is: cleaning my house, editing my vlogs, editing and uploading my podcast, uploading my blogs, managing my website, replying to leads coming in and scheduling them into my calendar.What bogs you down, sucks your energy, or creates chaos in your life that you could otherwise outsource? What is the ROI on your time if you spend a little money to outsource these things? For example, to me paying little ol’ Linda a little over $100 bucks every two weeks to keep my house spick and span? ONE MILLION PERCENT WORTH IT!

So, girlfriend, are you ready to make a change that will increase time for YOU stuff, improve your productivity, calm your anxiety, mega dose your feelings of success and your overall happiness??

  1. What are the top three action steps you need to take TODAY in order to become more like a LION?!
  2. How will this impact your life?
  3. Why is this meaningful to you?
  4. When will you start?
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