How To Keep Delivering Value To Your Nutrition Client Even When They Are ALREADY Progressing

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As coaches, we spend so much time worried about getting our clients to adhere, progress and succeed with us, that when we finally DO get them to a place where they are consistently progressing week after week with little to no interference?​⁠⁠
We feel lost on how to keep delivering the same level of value they came to expect from us.​⁠⁠
In fact, a lot of the time this guilt of “not doing enough” causes us to meddle and mess up the momentum we had worked so hard to build in the first place.​⁠⁠
Which is why in this week’s video we’re going to talk about a few key strategies you should be using with a succeeding client to keep them happy and committed to the process with you so you can stop doubting your value as their coach or questioning whether or not they really need you anymore…​⁠⁠
…and fully trust in the fact that your value actually comes from something else entirely.​⁠⁠


My Unconventional Way To Get More Nutrition Clients – That WORKS Like Hotcakes!🥞

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Lets face it, there are more coaches than ever flooding Instagram with their accountability, mindset, and “I’ll help you change forever” promises🙄🙄…​⁠⁠
…which means it’s also more confusing than ever for people to figure out who is going to be able to get them to their goals – and who is full of 💩​⁠⁠
(which also unfortunately means they hire no-one and stay stuck trying to figure it out on their own).​⁠⁠
⚠️But who can blame them? When we all look and sound exactly the same, it’s no wonder people tend to armor up and approach you with suspicion instead of excitement…with fear instead of transparency.​⁠⁠
Which means 💥if you want to help the people you feel you were put here to serve?​⁠⁠
You need to make it obvious to them that you are what they have been waiting for.​⁠⁠
Which is why in today’s video I’m going to show you one quick shift in the way you speak in your content (and on your discovery calls) that will help you to truly stand out from the noise…and help your people to open up to you without hesitation.🤘​⁠⁠


How to Make REAL MONEY In Coaching😮😮

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We put a lot of thought into the way our clients will view the prices of our programs, don’t we?​⁠
We play countless scenarios through our minds…mentally overcoming every possible objection we could face.​⁠
And yet? ➡️ We rarely ever stop to think about how the number we place on our value – and the way we justify what we’re charging – is actually affecting us on a deep, malicious😈, subconscious level.​⁠
You see, when we get caught in justification mode (aka: when we start spinning stories about why we’re charging what we are…why that makes sense for us…and why we “feel good” about it)​⁠
We’re already (and accidentally) setting ourselves up for failure.​⁠
Because the minute our client scenario doesn’t look exactly like we mapped out in our mind that it was going to look like in order for that price to “feel good” for us to charge?​⁠
(ie: maybe you miss a check in, or you don’t get back to them within 24 hours like you promised…)​⁠
You get hit with a wave of self-doubt, sabotage, and fear of those clients leaving you because your perceived value no longer matches your cost.​⁠
So, in today’s video you’re going to discover how to shift your money mindset around your price so you can stand firmly in your value and never second guess if you’re doing enough for your clients ever again.​⁠


Are You Sabotaging Your Business Success As A Nutrition Coach?

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Even though our industry (and most of the business coaches in it) would have you believe that the road to coaching success is paved with super-specific strategies and tactics, the reality is that none of those will matter unless you master ONE CRUCIAL thing first.

In fact, without this? Chances are you won’t be able to stop yourself from accidentally sabotaging your success as a coach.

In this video, you’ll learn what it is and how to take what you’re doing to the next level simply by making this one small shift.


How To Take Your Online Nutrition Check-Ins To The Next Level

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Why is it when a nutrition client fills out their check-in form on time AND in detail…we have secret little clouds parting angels singing, dance in my chair celebratory moment?

Why doesn’t EVERY client do this?

It can be really frustrating when most of our clients either ignore it, forget about it, or fill it out on the fly 5 minutes before your coaching call with them giving you rushed “I’m just doing this so I don’t get in trouble” answers…right?

Well in this video I’m going to teach you how to level up your check-in process so every client you work with, no matter how stubborn, will actually look forward to filling in their checkin for you – IN DETAIL, ++PLUS the 5 questions you NEED to have on your check in form that will force them to go deep without any extra prompting or convincing.


Get Your Nutrition Clients To Tell You The ✱Deeper✱ Reason They Can’t Stick To Their Plan

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Getting your nutrition clients to tell you the REAL reason they can’t stick to their plan is crucial if you truly want to get them out of their past patterns around food. But the trouble? Is that either the client really believes they have no idea why they can’t stick to what we gave them (and we need to pull it out of them) OR we simply don’t ask enough questions to get to the real source of the problem.

Either way, in this video I’m going to walk you through a new way to tackle non-adherence that will strip away the surface level excuses for good and get to the bottom of what is really going on. Plus, by the end you’ll know exactly how to work with your client to adjust the current plan so that THEY feel motivated (and excited) to stick to what you come up with together.


Little-Known Conversation Mistakes That Are Triggering Your Nutrition Clients

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Knowing the right thing to say (and exactly how to say it) when working with our clients can be one of the most daunting things we come up against as coaches.

In this training, I aim to shine a light on the 3 of the most commonly overlooked mistakes we make in session that could be triggering our clients to get defensive (and sometimes even unknowingly resist what it is we’re asking them to do)…

…so that we can keep them more consistent, accountable and invested in the process without having the same conversations every week or coaxing them to stay on track.

By the end of this video, not only will you know exactly why the words we choose to use are so powerful in these situations, but exactly what to do and say instead to create a much more powerful coaching dynamic with your client and guaranteed adherence to your plan.


Leverage True Connection To Take Your Time Back & Reach True “Expert” Status

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One of the biggest reasons why coaches don’t take the time to connect MORE deeply with their clients is simply because…
Sound familiar?​⁠
Well, while it’s totally fair to feel this way…(I know I’m definitely playing for that team more often than I’d like to admit)​⁠
I actually show you in this video how true connection *really* works and how powerful it can be to get to a place where you can guarantee life-altering change with EVERY client you work with…​⁠
…charge the kind of money the pro’s do (we’re talking 1K/month here, love)…​⁠
…keep your clients for as long as you want…​⁠
…and have a waitlist of people who will pay you in advance just to save their spot in line?​⁠
And if you want all of that^^?​⁠
You’re going to have to graduate from being just another nutritionist – and ✱become known✱ as a true master in your ability to fundamentally transform people at their core.​⁠
But this means you’ll need to be able to do more than customize nutrition plans and “check-in” with your clients.​⁠
You’ll need a high level of certainty in how to predictably create consistent results regardless of your clients’ challenges or hidden subconscious blocks keeping them from changing…​⁠
…which means…ya gotta CONNECT with em first, baby.​⁠
So if you want to explore what this could look like for you? I teach you how in my 10 minute training this week 👇🏼👇🏼⁠


“Ticket To Retention” Workshop

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Ever wish you could get your clients to stop rushing their weight loss and fully buy-into a long-term journey with you, Laura?

Yeah, I know the feeling.

Which is why I’d really like to give you the 3 step process I teach my 1:1 students that helps them to stop constantly chasing new leads and worrying about resigning their clients…

…AND stop praying to the “progress gods” every Sunday before the SOS messages start rolling in.

Cause lets face it.

It’s frustrating as hell when it feels like you just got going with a client, and before you know it they are throwing in the towel because their results weren’t fast enough.

Not to mention how stressful it is when clients aren’t progressing like we want them to, and you’re worried that if we don’t do something quick that they will give up and quit 😳🤢

Which either causes us to make changes to the plan we normally wouldn’t…

…drop our rates just to keep them for longer…

…or cross our fingers and hope that they don’t bring it up.

The thing is, increasing the time your clients work with you, even by just 2 or 3 months means that you will…

  • Build stronger relationships and gain their trust so you can go deeper with them on what’s truly keeping them stuck in their negative patterns
  • Never have to worry about hustling to fill a gap in your revenue because a client stopped unexpectedly
  • Stop stressing about whether they are happy with their progress + obsessing over what more you could be doing
  • Stop trying to “race the clock” so you can slow down and fully trust that you know what you’re doing and their rate of progress is exactly as it needs to be

And doing all of this?

Depends on whether or not you’re having the RIGHT conversations at ⚠️3 KEY STAGES of the client journey.


If you’d like to learn what these crucial conversations are (and how to have them effectively?)

Check it out ✌️


By the way: whenever it feels good for you, I’d love to chat with you about working together to upgrade you to a more advanced coaching toolkit filled with deep connection and neuroscience so you can create life-altering results with every client you work with.

Just click the button when you’re ready ⇣ ⇣ ⇣

The Best Conversation Advice For Coaches In 2021

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You know that moment when you’ve waded into a conversation with a client about their past…their struggles…or what has brought them to where they are.​

And they start to crack open?​

​You see them open up to you emotionally…they’re courageously sharing with you snippets of their traumatic past…​

​And even though your inside voice is screaming “OMG YES THIS IS THE BREAKTHROUGH WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!”​

​You also start to panic.​

​And even though you desperately want them to keep going deeper…​

​You don’t know what question to ask next…​

​…what to do with the hard answers you might get…​

​…or whether or not you even SHOULD “go there”.​

​So you stop short of the breakthrough.​

​In this week’s video I’ll be going over exactly how to navigate conversations like this one in 2021 so that you can confidently guide your clients as deep as you need to extract all the juicy nuggets that will make their journey so much more powerful for them…​

​…and truly fulfilling for you.​