4 Ways To Bring Deeper Connection Into Your Coaching Relationship

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Ending your busy client filled days feeling exhausted isn’t actually supposed to be the norm.

​The thing is, what’s burning you out?​

​Actually has nothing to do with those back to back sessions.​

​It’s not your draining “never do anything I say” clients…​

​…or all the plans you create that are collecting dust in the inboxes of people who you told yourself ​ “weren’t ready” to put in the work to change.​

​It’s actually much more simple than all of that.​

​What’s burning you out the FASTEST is the way you have been taught to CONNECT with your clients.​

​And I don’t mean the calculated, scheduled, check-the-box “connection” you’re taught to use to hold your clients accountable.​

​I’m talking real, deep, fulfilling and meaningful connections…the kind that has the power to change lives all by itself.​

​In this video I’m going to share with you 4 ways to bring deeper connections into your coaching relationships this year, and why this MUST become a priority for you this year if you’re serious about truly transforming the people you’re called to serve.​