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Can you really have it all? Can you be wealthy AND healthy at the same time? Can you REALLY be a successful entrepreneur and still carve out time to cook healthy food and exercise regularly? It feels like we already have 5 full time jobs in all that we do in a day, and then we’re also expected to, you know, sleep and stuff?

The answer is OH HELL YA you can. But you have to be smart about your approach.

Start with one new habit, and scaffold it from there. You can’t take it all on at once – trust me. This is a recipe for a hissy fit (guilty). You might THINK you can handle it all right now, because that’s what we’ve always done. But when it comes to taking care of YOU…ya you need to be a little more empathetic and a little less ruthless, if you know what I mean.

Choose one manageable step – going to bed a little earlier, packing a healthy lunch (put some dressing on that salad, for goodness sake girl!!), try a new yoga class, meditate for 5 minutes each morning, journal some gratitudes, you know – something SMALL. And then each week build on that.

You’re pretty fucking awesome, but you’re not superwoman. Kindness to yourself goes a long way.

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