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Ep. 001 – 5 Ways Understanding Ego Will Make You A Better Nutrition Coach

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Episode Description

Our ego is nothing more than an accumulation of your…

🧘🏼‍♀️experiences and the meanings you attached to them

🌎your beliefs about yourself and the world around you

💖and your habitual emotional reactions to all of the above

Which means…that inside of every conversation…every interaction…every thought, feeling, desire, and fear…our ego is there (often running the show if we aren’t careful)

So, in this video, my hope is to pull the ego out of hiding and explore with you how it affects us in 5 key aspects of our coaching relationships and the business we’re trying to build.


✱We need to recognize what it feels like when our ego is triggered in and out of session

✱We need to become aware of the ego in others and use this to build more dynamic coaching relationships through a deepened understanding of your client’s world view

✱We need to understand the beliefs and rules that our ego operates off of to govern what we believe is (or isn’t) possible for us — and how this subconsciously limits us in everything that we do

✱We need to explore how quickly the ego can corrode a coach-client relationship and cause us to lose clients prematurely and/or question our ability to truly create results for the people we work with

✱We need to become aware of how quickly the ego can invade consultations to make it feel harder to get a “full body yes” from the people we’re hoping to work with

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