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Ep. 004 – Instantly Up-Level Your Coaching Conversations About the Hard Stuff

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Episode Description

It’s not always our clients’ lack of adherence that is the reason for their lack of progress.​

Sometimes? It’s simply because we aren’t going DEEP ENOUGH. ​

Which is no surprise, it’s not like our certifications taught us what questions to ask or how to ask them, right?

But typically when we stop ourselves from really “digging in”? It’s because of these 7 things:​

👉🏼We convince ourselves that we already went deep enough…that we need to stay in our lane​

👀We feel afraid of crossing the invisible therapist scope of practice line (we convince ourselves that we shouldn’t be asking about certain topics because that’s not “what they hired us for”)​

🙈We aren’t sure what to do with deeper answers so we stop ourselves from asking deeper questions​

👩🏼‍💻We feel responsible to fix any and all problems they present to us and that feels too heavy…we aren’t good at holding boundaries and loving supporting space at the same time​

🙋🏼‍♀️We struggle with feeling like we are letting them down if we don’t have an immediate solution​

😣We think their expectations of us are not what they actually are​

☠️We expect more of ourselves than we are able to give​

But the thing is?​

If you don’t keep going deeper…if you don’t ask the hard questions…if you don’t get the hard answers you’re nervous about getting…you will never TRULY change their lives.​

This is why I created this episode for you.​

To walk you through exactly how to do this so you never come up against a client roadblock you don’t feel equipped to handle​.

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