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Ep. 012 – How To Market Your Business If You’re a Heart-Centered Coach

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Episode Description

The fact is, most online coaches want more clients…and if they could get a steady stream of people reaching out to them and happily paying their premium prices? Even better.

But not all of us want to be the wolf-on-wall-street in order to get em.

So high-pressure marketing tactics? They feel kinda…gross. Amiright?

Trust me, I get it.

Which is why if you’ve ever felt frustrated by the lack of REAL information about how to market yourself as a coach…or if you’ve tried a few of those things out yourself…and you still feel like you are the furthest thing from having it “figured out”…

I have something suuuuper cool for you.

A cheatsheet.

(just kidding)


It’s the secret I figured out to marketing yourself in a really flowy, easy, anti-hype-y way

So your people can actually connect with you and what you have to say. Here’s a quick 5-minute episode where I talk about it 🙂

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