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Ep. 014 – You are the GPS, NOT the Chauffer

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Episode Description

It’s natural to want to over deliver for our clients to give them the best possible experience working with us, right?

But in order to do this (not to mention, get them awesome results) we often OVER-SUPPORT in a few detrimental places that can actually cause our clients to more easily fall back into past habits once they stop working with us.


Think about it like this…

If we spend the entire coaching relationship fixing problems they run into, picking them up off the ground when they fall, and constantly bailing them out of SOS situations just to keep them on track?

They might very well reach their external goals — but they wont have changed very much internally (even WITH really consistent mindset work)

Simply put – when we are the hero FOR them? We rob them of the uncomfortable growth required to become the hero of their own lives.

They don’t ever learn how to navigate these tricky scenarios solo – and when they run into similar ones in the future?

They’re unprepared.

In this episode we’re going to explore what it means to release the over-responsibility we feel to safely get our clients to their end destination, and instead become the GPS supporting their journey (wrong turns and all)

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