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Ep. 015 – Hard Truth Time: You Can’t Control The Outcome

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Episode Description


You simply cannot control whether your client gets results…does what you say…texts you when they’re struggling…shows up for their coaching calls…checks in on time…or tells you what you need to know to really help them change.​

You just can’t (unless maybe you have some crazy voodoo powers I don’t have?🔮)​

But for some unknown reason this is the normal expectation we place on ourselves as coaches…we take it on as our responsibility to control the uncontrollable😳🔫​
Not only is this a one way ticket to burnout land…but it also dries up every last drop of excitement and fulfillment we once felt for the work we get to do.

In this episode we’re going to explore a better way to hold our clients through their journey with us…one that has nothing to do with controlling outcomes…and everything to do with taking control over something else entirely.​

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