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Ep. 018 – What Your Certification Missed About Coaching Mindset

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Episode Description

It’s not new information for your clients to hear that “they really need to heal their relationship with food”.

They 👏🏼Already 👏🏼 Know 👏🏼

That’s actually the real reason they’ve hired you…to help them explore what’s really going on deep down.

…so then the real question is…

Do YOU really know how to heal their relationship with food?

Do YOU understand what’s really going on deep DEEP down?

Cause the thing about how you’ve been traditionally trained to help someone with their mindset?

Is that affirmations, journaling and other awareness tools are only getting them warmed up for the journey…

And if you don’t know where to go from there?

Buckle up, cause it’s going to be a loooong frustrating ride as you drive around in circles for the next 2-3 months having the same conversations over and over again…

…praying for the week where “something finally clicks” and they DO THE THINGS we have been suggesting all along.

So if you’d like to bypass that whole sucky process?

Check out today’s episode where we dig into what we need to be doing to break free from the monotonous pep-talks and start moving them towards more meaningful change.

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