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Ep. 021 – How To Work With “Complicated Clients” w/ Special Guest: Krista Scott-Dixon

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Episode Description

Let’s face it, most of us would LOVE to work with a full roster of clients who see things exactly the way we do and follow everything we give them…who never challenge our advice or resist our suggestions…and who see incredible results because of it.

But in reality? We might be lucky to land a handful of these dreamy clients in our entire career.

And what’s much more likely? Is that your clients will often feel “complicated”.

…They won’t always do what we say
…They will struggle with even the smallest of tasks
…They will want faster progress…hate the mindset work you give them
…And they will DEFINITELY struggle to open up about their thoughts and feelings (even when you ask incredible questions).

So the thing is…if we want to make it as a successful coach? We need to equip ourselves with the skills to be able to navigate these challenging clients and learn to feel at home in the uncertainty these conversations often bring.

Today, I am joined by Krista Scott-Dixon to begin a new conversation aimed at arming you with these skills…plus offer up a few incredibly powerful perspective shifts I believe every coach needs in order to truly ascend to that next level.


Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon (also known as KSD) is Director of Curriculum at Precision Nutrition, leading the development of the PN Academy and PN Certifications. She is the author of several books, including Why Me Want Eat and co-author of the The Essentials of Nutrition Coaching for Health, Fitness, and Sport textbook, along with an extensive list of academic publications, book chapters, articles, and reports.

Before working with Precision Nutrition, Dr. Scott-Dixon was a researcher and faculty member at York University in Toronto. She has more than 20 years in fitness and health coaching, and 10 years of university teaching and course direction.

She has lectured and taught internationally across North America as well as in the UK, Ireland, China, and Southeast Asia. She is also a trained counselor, with certifications from George Brown College and Leading Edge Training, which is certified by the Canadian Psychological Association.

Her compassionate, pragmatic style makes her a sought-after speaker, writer, and podcast guest.

Find Krista at:

Twitter and IG – @stumptuous
FB – https://www.facebook.com/krista.scottdixon.pn
Website: stumptuous.com

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