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Ep. 022 – Meet Your 4 Types Of Emotional Eaters & Learn How To Help Them

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Episode Description

Every nutritionist understands how difficult it can be to coach emotional eaters.

In the beginning, they show up with the best intentions to “stick to your plan”.

They get hopped up on hope and convince themselves that “this time is going to be different than the last”


It doesn’t take long before they fall-off-the-wagon and start caving to their cravings at night, and binge eating on weekends.

Unfortunately, their hopes and wants are simply no match against their emotional attachment to food and what’s triggering them to crave it.

It’s a vicious cycle.

And 99.9% of nutrition certifications don’t teach nutritionists how to get out of it.

Instead, they continue to cram macros, “check-ins” and meal-planning down our throats.

But here’s what I want you to consider…even the most scientifically sound program isn’t worth the app it’s stored on if the client struggles to consistently follow it.

The reality is, Emotional Eaters need a specific type of nutrition plan to fit their ‘eating-personality’ (there are 4 types)…

…and they need a coach who can help them work through the barriers that obstruct them from following the plan.

So…if you’re ready to meet the 4 Types of Emotional Eaters (and learn how to help them), this episode is for you!

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