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Ep. 023 – Using “Power Questions” To Create Bigger Client Breakthroughs | Masterclass

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Episode Description

If you know you need to go deeper with your clients…and that you’re SUPPOSED to be asking them more questions…better questions…in order to get them to open up to you?

If you’ve read “Motivational Interviewing” a time or two…and perhaps even dabbled with implementing it into your client sessions?

But it’s still feeling…clunky…messy…like you can’t really hear what your clients are saying because you’re too busy trying to think of what question you’re going to ask them next?

You are not alone. SO many coaches struggle with this.

Don’t get me wrong, most of us are super aware that we’re teaching and talking way too much on our coaching calls…but when our clients give us one word answers (or no answers at all) it’s normal to feel stuck as to where to take them next.

So we teach. We fix. We take control of the situation and provide more action steps and program changes, even if that’s not what they really want or need from us.

Which is why in this special Expand Episode, I’m going to teach you EXACTLY what questions we all should be asking in these 3 most common (and difficult) client scenarios:

  1. Your client is shut down, gives short surface-level answers to your questions, and never does the mindset work you suggest, even though they say they know they “need to”
  2. Your client firehoses you with emotions, excuses, justifications and random pieces of information you have no idea what to do with
  3. Your client resists talking about their mindset or emotions and fights for you to give them more recipes, meal plan changes, accountability check-ins and workout plans to get them to their goals faster.

You’re going to want a pen and paper for this one!

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