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Ep. 029 – Supporting The Struggling Nutrition Client w/ Special Guest: Robin Beier

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Episode Description

Supporting a struggling nutrition client is never easy, but today Robin Beier and I break down a process that should alleviate a lot of the pressure you might be feeling to fix their struggle, and invite in a bigger conversation around failure.

We talked about​:

  • Introducing (and continuing) the conversation about failure with your clients. How you can connect the dots for them to understand the struggle is part of the growth process. ​
  • Letting them fail better and holding them through that process. We share step-by-step how to respond when a client struggles so you know what to do so they feel supported. ​ ​
  • The #1 mistake that nutrition coaches make leads to clients feeling like a failure. Changing this one thing will help you become the nutrition coach that your clients need. ​
  • Make sure that you also check out Laura’s amazing Instagram content. She will make you a better nutrition coach by showing you the power of deep connection and neuroscience.

Find Robin at:

– YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/RobinBeier1/
– Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rbeier/

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