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Ep. 030 – 5 Steps To Standing Out Online | Masterclass

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Episode Description

Listen, these 5 steps to standing out online have NADDA to do with your client avatar mmmkay? 🥱🥱

OR your posting consistency…OR your brand colors…OR the fact that you “really need to be on TikTok”…

These 5 strategies are going to feel quite a bit different than what you’ve heard preached before.

They’re going to get you to shift away from what you have traditionally been taught matters to gain traction online…

…and get you thinking about things in a whole new refreshing way.

So. If you’re all like “Laura, where the content calendar at?”

Or you’re looking for me to give you a list of 50 super-boring-overly-generic-been-there-done-that post ideas?

Dis is naht for u, boo.

But! If you’re ready to finally figure this shit out…and start to create some distance between you and the millions of other coaches online?

You miiiight wanna tune into this one 🙂

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