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Ep. 039 – How To Stop Your Ego From Hijacking Your Power

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Episode Description

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Creating consistent breakthroughs that lead to results beyond simple weight loss requires a new depth to how you show up as a coach and communicate with your clients. You’ll learn how to do this by:

  • Integrating my breakthrough formula to help address any stumbling point in your clients journey so you always know where to go next or what to do to help them move through it seamlessly
  • Learning a new way of speaking and asking questions that will access an untapped dialogue between you and your client so you can guide them easily into the vulnerability required for true breakthrough to occur (without being or feeling awkward)
  • Entering into a new relationship with what it means to be a coach and what that looks like for you, specifically, so you can stop basing your success on the physical results of your clients and feel great about who you are and what you do
  • Getting your clients fully on board for the deeper work (and feel competent to be the one to guide them through it – even if you’re new to it) so you can enter every coaching session feeling grounded and prepared without worrying about what the scale did or how they feel about their progress.

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