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Ep. 047 – Are You OVER-Coaching Your Clients? | BTS Inside TriggerMapping™

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Episode Description

Join me inside a special Behind The Scenes episode where you’ll listen in as I mentor my TriggerMapping™ students through some all too common barriers we all face, such as:

  • Removing our own biases on tracking vs. non-tracking nutrition protocols so we can better serve our clients where they are
  • Holding space for our clients to move through a “funk”
  • Filtering down ALL of our clients’ struggles to pick out the most important ones to focus on + how to break those primary struggles down to the CORE issue
  • Navigating the plaguing feeling of “not doing enough”
  • How to know when someone is ready to go off on their own?
  • And the truth behind comparing ourselves to other “more successful” coaches

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