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Ep. 054 – Peek Behind The TriggerMapping™ Curtain & Experience A Live Coaching Session With Laura

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Episode Description

Join me in a special Behind The Scenes Episode where you’ll feel like a fly on the wall as I coach my TriggerMapping™ students through some of the most common barriers we experience as coaches. In this support call we covered:

  1. (1:30) having the courage to call out the resistance you are sensing from your client right then and there + the false assumption that logical, analytical clients don’t have emotion
  2. (14:30) how to reset the stage with clients you’ve already been working with to effectively shift into the deeper work you’re learning through TriggerMapping
  3. (24:00) the power in using logic to normalize & release judgment on feelings & behaviors by explaining the behavioral bridge + offering a new relationship with emotion to logical, analytical minded people
  4. (29:00) how to determine whether or not the scale should continue to be a part of a client’s journey
  5. (35:00) setting up an aligned group coaching container; length of calls, level of support, number of participants; etc
  6. (46:00) are you internalizing the judgment your clients are making about themselves? Moving through your own discomfort that arises when a client presents resistance & frustration

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