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Ep. 056 – How To Confidently Share What You Do & Why You’re Different

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Episode Description

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If you’re still trying to “sell them what they want, so you can give them what they need”…

>> you’re probably also struggling to get them bought into the deeper work…

>> you’re probably chasing them down trying to hold them accountable and keep them motivated…

>> and you’re probably feeling misaligned, frustrated and resentful that you aren’t able to work with them on the stuff that REALLY matters

Sound familiar?

Yea, I’m not surprised.

There’s an old school mentality in our industry that we need to take a stand against.

Its the one that tells us that people don’t “really want” the deeper work…that it scares them…that it pushes them away.

And if we want to sell them so we can help them?

We need to sell them what they came to us wanting >> aka: weight loss.

But that’s just simply no longer true.

In this episode we strip this down and give you a new way to share what you do and why you’re different from all the “weight loss” coaches out there.

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