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Ep. 057 – Answering The “Big Question” >> HOW MUCH IS IT?

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Episode Description

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It usually doesn’t matter how “good” the consultation goes…

…when we get to the end of the call…and the only question left to answer is “how much?”

Our stomach starts to flip…

…and we unknowingly do awkward things that can actually undo all of the value, excitement and buy-in you just established with them.

In this EXPAND episode you’ll discover:

— how traditional pricing strategies are undermining your pitch
— why “how much” actually feels hard to answer (and all the mistakes we make with our answer)
— a new way to establish your value with your prospect that has nothing to do with your program or what they “get”
— how to price your program in a more aligned way…and how to talk about your pricing without jamming up your words and overselling yourself
— what to do when someone asks about your pricing before you’ve established your value
— and how to compassionately hold your prospects through an objection without scaring them away


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