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Ep. 064 – What Is TriggerMapping™ Anyway?

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Episode Description

In the next 42 minutes (yeah, its a long one 😇) I’ll show you how to enhance the effectiveness of your programming for “emotional eating” clients…

…by helping them break free from the triggers causing their weekend binges, late-night snacking and self-sabotaging behavior.

Here’s What You Will Learn Inside The Training:

1️⃣ How To stop your clients from caving into their cravings behind closed doors…

(Learning how to do this will save you from spending hours on the phone giving ‘pep-talks’ – and will be far more effective than “accountability check ins”)

2️⃣ How To identify the environmental triggers that make your emotional eating clients reach for sugar and carbs when they feel stressed, tired, angry and bored…

3️⃣ Why traditional “mindset” training and personal development principles don’t prevent emotional eaters from self-sabotaging…

(In fact, they can often be the cause of the self-sabotaging behavior. I’ll tell you what to do instead)

4️⃣ The 5 stages to removing triggers and permanently changing their deeply-rooted problematic behaviors around food…without feeling like you’re playing “therapist”.

(Infusing these 5 stages into your coaching will lead to better results for your clients, higher rates of retention and a steady flood of referrals)

5️⃣ The missing piece to helping “emotional eaters” that 99.9% of nutrition certifications don’t teach us.

Understanding this is the key to being able to stop second-guessing your abilities as a coach and guarantee the type of transformation that demands higher price points, longer retention, and waitlists of referrals.

Here Are a Few Ways We Can Keep This Party Going 🥳

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