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Ep. 066 – Daring To Do Things Differently And Rewrite The Rules For Success

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Episode Description

Does it ever feel like you’re going no-where fast?

Like you’re doing all the things you’re supposed to be doing…you’re following all the steps your business mastermind told you to follow…and still it feels like you’re wading through wet cement while everyone around you is sprinting across their finish lines?

Well…have you ever considered that the reason you feel stuck might actually be because you’re following someone else’s plan for you…instead of exploring what your own plan could look and feel like?

When you stop trying to keep up with everyone else is when you’re truly set free…not when you cross the finish line or reach the peak of the mountain everyone else is racing each other up.

In episode #66 on EXPAND this week we explore our addiction to doing more and winning bigger…and I leave you with a wake up call to begin to explore more deeply what you stand FOR…and what you stand AGAINST.

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