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Ep. 068 – Stop Making These Mistakes In Your Group Coaching!

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Episode Description

At first glance, setting up a group coaching container sounds like an easy way to serve more people (and make more money) in the time you have – especially when we compare it to a traditional 1-to-1 coaching model.

But what most coaches find out the hard way?

Is that it’s not quite as easy as putting a bunch of people with similar goals in a room together, giving them weekly lessons and access to accountability on a weekly call…and watching them bond, progress, and sing your praises.

I should know – I have started and burned down 5 different group coaching programs over the last decade.

So what I learned?

And the reason why my now-group mentorship (TriggerMapping) feels. just. SO. Incredible?!?

Is that your group needs to stand on 2 intangible pillars in order to work for them AND feel fulfilling for you. These pillars are:

🥰 INTIMACY (creating a space where people actually feel heard and seen)
🔮 DEPTH (conversation that goes beyond external adherence / results)

In this Episode on EXPAND we tease this apart and leave you feeling clear around what to avoid…and how to structure a group experience unlike any you’ve ever witnessed before.

Here Are a Few Ways We Can Keep This Party Going 🥳

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