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Ep. 070 – Building A Business On The Foundation Of Faith w/ Special Guest: Chris & Eric Martinez

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Episode Description

When it comes to navigating adversity, leaving our own divine fingerprint in the world, and discovering our path to true alignment, fulfillment and freedom? Chris and Eric Martinez believe that spirituality needs to enter the conversation. The Universe, God, Energetics, Divinity, Higher Self…whatever you connect with, believe in or choose to explore…connecting to and trusting in something bigger than you is how Chris and Eric choose to fuel their passion for helping other coaches unlock their true potential. They believe that you are not creating…you are being created through and that what you are here to do isn’t about you – it’s about what is being done through you to leave the world a better place because you were in it.

In this episode we explore the role faith can have in our ability to navigate the ups and downs of building a business, and where to begin your spiritual journey if you have yet to explore this piece of you.

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