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Ep. 074 – Your Client Wants To Quit? Try Saying This.

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Episode Description

You know the ones…the clients who start out like bulls out of a pen…but once the initial spark starts to fade?

The chaos of their life (and mind) takes over and sucks them back into a world where they have no time, energy, mental space or emotional patience to dedicate to even the smallest of tasks you set before them.

And just like with their last coach? They want to throw in the towel and wait for a “better time” to prioritize themselves. A time where they can “really commit”.

Well…the next time this happens? Instead of trying to help them find time in their schedule or convince them that there is “never going to be a perfect time”?

I’d love for you to try my 5 step conversation flow to get them to a place where they can:

(a) understand their emotional reactions and the pattern they are falling victim to (again)

(b) see this as an opportunity to change this old familiar pattern for good

(c) buy into a slower approach (and the discomfort that will 100% come along with it)

In this EXPAND episode, I share with you exactly what to say to take this seemingly bleak moment and turn it into a breakthrough opportunity.

Here Are a Few Ways We Can Keep This Party Going 🥳

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