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Ep. 076 – It’s Your Turn To Pave A Path Uncharted


Episode Description

What I’m witnessing in the industry right now is a yearning to be exposed.

Everywhere I look I see powerful women with a deeper desire to lead their people through more than what they were told they’re “allowed” to.

To rediscover themselves…the rejected pieces of themselves they were told didn’t “fit” the mold of who they had to become…and to give her the mic.

To build your business in YOUR image…the way you really want to…the way you always imagined it being before the world told you how it had to be done in order to “work”

But you’re denying yourself the space to explore what that even looks like…you’re afraid to feel into what that could mean for you.

So instead of moving? You wait.

You wait for permission to take your place next to the women you admire and look up to.

You wait to be invited on THEIR stages instead of creating one of your own.

You wait until you know exactly what to say and how to say it.

You wait until you’re burnt out trying to execute someone else’s vision for you and create success there FIRST…prove yourself there FIRST…before ever daring to move on something uniquely yours.

But this is a trap.

Because creating success someone else’s way will never work for you.

The only way to find the success your soul truly wants – is to begin trusting in your own path.

It’s time to breathe life back into your truest self…to build a new stage to stand on…to discover a new power in your voice…to stop. fucking. hiding.

Introducing 🥁🥁🥁 : UNCHARTED

Here’s what I want to do with you inside:

I want to hold a sacred space for you to feel into your vision…to curiously explore what it is you want to stand for, to be responsible for, to create a movement around if you desire…and to build your stage for it to unfold on.

I want to open a room for you to scream and shout in…to have a full-on adult sized tantrum if that’s what it takes to HEAR yourself again…and to BE HEARD again.

I want you to normalize inside of your grit…to feel at home there…to feel safe going fast…to try things you never thought you would try…to put yourself out there in ways that feel impossible right now.

I want you walking away crystal clear on your true north – what this is all for, what you desire to bring into existence, and what needs to happen internally (and strategically) to give ALL of yourself to it.

…and I want you to leave with a deep trust in yourself – so much so that you will no longer rely on overpriced mentors to tell you what to do in your business. You will have an internal compass guiding your decisions and moving your forward in a much more profound & aligned way.

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