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Ep. 080 – Coaching With Conviction Workshop (Q&A) | Masterclass


Episode Description

Most coaches will never reach a level of true confidence in how they show up for, lead and communicate with their clients.


Because when progress sucks…clients get frustrated…and we feel like we should be doing more.

We fall back into doing the only thing we know.

We research hot new trends that might work better…try a different strategy…tweak their plan…and hold them MORE accountable.

Thing is, all that stuff is good and all.

But chances are the last thing you need is another fancy nutritional approach to try with a tricky client.


I know it feels easier to think you’re missing something in your program that would make everything “click” for them.

Or that they just need to come back to their deeper “why” to feel all filled up with the motivation they need to consistently chase after what you see as possible for them.

But that’s all just smoke in mirrors.

>>> What you actually need is:

  1. A new way to communicate with that client about the real reason they are consistently stuck spiraling, making excuses and fighting for their limitations…
  2. the skills to open a space where breakthrough becomes possible simply because a new level of trust…buy-in…and awareness joins you in the room…
  3. to feel capable of holding that space for your client to move through feeling triggered, emotional and reactive (without getting shaky, yourself) so that true change can take place.

This has nothing to do with holding them more accountable.

And you definitely don’t have to spend more time doing extra work to try to get them to stick to their plan.

This is actually about saving you time and energy by increasing the POTENCY in which you show up inside of every session…the TRUST your clients feel with you…and the unwavering level of BUY-IN you have never experienced before.

It’s about taking the pressure off of DOING more…and learning how to BE more.

^^ THIS ^^ is what COACHING WITH CONVICTION is all about. Listen to the Q&A Now 🙂

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