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Ep. 081 – My Instagram Hacker Healed Me


Episode Description

Sometimes the Universe takes matters into it’s own hands (especially when you’ve been ignoring its whispers and nudges for years). When my Instagram got hacked and I “lost” everything I had built in an instant? I mourned the loss of my old identity and community for weeks…wondering if I had the energy to pick up and pour into re-creating myself again from the ground up. But what I came to realize with time was that it was never about “starting over”…it was always about a coming home to the truth that what I’m creating is never going to be static, done, safe, or secure. That there is an infinite wave cycling through its phases in my life and that I need to trust in each phase of that process – not just when things are peaceful. This episode invites you to look at your own gripping patterns…your own universal whispers…and the waves that are building around you in a new welcoming way.

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