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Ep. 082 – Being The Coach We SHOULD Be VS. Unearthing Who We Naturally Are


Episode Description

This behind the scenes clip is a response to a question I received from one of my students around how to be okay stepping out of the “box” everyone else seems to be totally comfortable fitting themselves into. And when we do? How to talk about what we do outside of nutrition so that people understand who we are and what we do?

In her words, she asked:

“Previously business advice was sell them what they want (weight loss) give them what they need (healthy mindset). How can I position myself in a more tangible way – but without trying to pretend to be a standard nutrition coach? I have a fear that if I’m not selling nutrition or something tangible, no one will understand and therefore won’t be interested….”

Have you ever worried about this? If you have, you’ll want to check out my full answer that will guide you to see the clarity accessible to you right now.

Here Are a Few Ways We Can Keep This Party Going 🥳

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