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Ep. 085 – Owning Your Evolution As A Coach


Episode Description

What If…Macros Isn’t It?

What if…identifying as a macro coach is boxing you into an identity that’s not really “YOU”

What if…there’s a collective shift that needs to happen away from labelling ourselves by the tools we choose to use…and instead allowing our clients to feel who we really are so we can lead them from that place?

In this episode we’re going to unravel a lot of our old beliefs around what it means to be a macro coach. We’re going to ignite a collective shift away from the place of “macros is who I am” to a new belief that “macros is a tool I use”…and we’ll explore how to begin to regulate ourselves energetically inside of this new identity so that we can begin to make decisions from this new place and move ourselves in a more empowered direction as we discover who we really are there.

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