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Ep. 086 – 4 Skills The BEST Coaches In The World Have


Episode Description

There are 4 skills the BEST Coaches in the world have…

…and you might be surprised to learn that none of them have anything to do with how much you know, how fast you can get your clients results, or how “locked in” your client avatar is.

In this episode I’m going to guide you through some key intangibles that will truly set you apart from the rest, while increasing how aligned and fulfilled you are in the process. We’re going to explore things like cultivating an environment for trust from your first interactions…and navigating sticking points and turbulence with grace and compassion…

We’re going to dig into the power of helping your clients reach a comfortable place of expectation around struggle…and releasing their pre-programmed reactions to setback and failure without triggering frustration or anxiety.

And lastly? We’ll touch on expanding your interpretation of your role as a coach…what you’re truly responsible for…and what needs to shift internally for you before breakthrough can ever feel palpable.

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