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Ep. 087 – Get Clear On Your Message & Find Your Unique Voice

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Episode Description

If you have ever thought to yourself >> “I really need to figure out my message” OR >> “I just need to find my voice”

You’ve been buying into a lie as old as time. You’ve been led to believe that you can sit down at your desk for an hour or two and fill out a bunch of curated worksheets to somehow “figure this ish out”.

Which feels really lovely to our brains, because as long as we have one more worksheet to fill out we don’t have to show up and actually SAY anything…we don’t have to have an opinion…or be in the spotlight…

…and least not “yet”. Not until you’re “clear” about who you’re talking to, what you should say, how you should say it, and how to make sure the RIGHT people hear you…

Not until there’s as little risk as possible to being judged…or called out…or made to feel silly.


THIS ^^ protective pattern is the number one reason why most coaches stay forever stuck feeling like a copy of each other…it’s the number one reason you never “find” anything remotely close to who you really are or what you really want to say.

Because the only thing you need to do to find your voice? Is to have the courage to strip away everything that “isn’t really you” and speak from that incredibly vulnerable place (easier said than done)

But to be seen for who you REALLY are…without the armor or the rules or the scripts that take your magic and make it “digestible” for people.?

Is to be felt…to be understood…to be free to speak without fear.

In this episode we explore the value that comes from vulnerability…and how to begin creating this for yourself so you can stop hiding and find the courage to let your words shape your message – instead of the other way around.

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