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Ep. 088 – Exposing The Most Under-Utilized Path To True Coaching Success w/ Special Guest: Brett Bartholomew

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Episode Description

Today on Expand I’m joined by Brett Bartholomew – the founder of The Art Of Coaching, and best-selling author of Conscious Coaching.  I was first introduced to Brett’s work back in 2018, and I can’t tell you how profoundly his insights shaped the direction I ended up taking in this industry. His work centers around how to more clearly and impactfully communicate with your clients to create the trust and buy in that is to become the very foundation of your work together. But more than that, he challenges us to see the value of internal reflection and how important it is that we learn how to create trust and buy-in with OURSELVES if we are to ever discover who we truly are and what we’re truly capable of creating. In this episode, Brett and I break down what it’s really going to require of you in order to break free from an oversaturated industry and stand on your own as a unique coach, leader and guide.

To Learn More About Brett Bartholomew:
Art Of Coaching
Conscious Coaching: The Art and Science of Building Buy-In
@coach_brettb on Instagram

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