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Ep. 091 – Sovereignty Workshop (PART 2) | Masterclass

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Episode Description



  1. supreme power or authority.

It is my deepest desire that every coach finds their way out of the masses…out of the box…and without the labels we were given to keep us small and controlled. I desire every coach to achieve supreme power and authority over the way they live, create, and lead. Sovereignty was a workshop I created to guide you through this awakening.

Part 2 begins with an extraction of our big vision & how our body always knows the right path for us by tapping into “what feels exciting for me, and what feels aligned for me?” From there, we pull in the 4 armors our ego uses to keep us safe, comfortable and certain – silencing, perfecting, pleasing and hiding. We end with talking about aiming for a somatic experience when you’re creating and how to stay in alignment with you you are, regardless of who’s in the room. Enjoy!

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