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Ep. 092 – What Untraditional Goal Setting Looks Like | Behind The Scenes

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Episode Description

Today’s podcast is going to be a bit punchier than what you’ve been used to over the last couple of weeks – I’m sharing a clip with you from one of my Trigger Mapping support calls. Sometimes, our clients end up in a place where they don’t even really know what they want anymore…and therefore, we are in a tough position to accurately know how to guide them towards an outcome that has changed from when they initially started with us.

In this episode, you’re going to hear me coach my student through a perspective shift that will allow her to access her clients in this new light and guide them from that place, so that we can approach goal setting from a more untraditional lens and from a place of ‘what do they really want their lives to look like?’ I can’t wait for you to dig into this. I think it’s going to change a lot in terms of how you navigate very similar conversations. I hope you love it.

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