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Ep. 099 – Cultivating An Unwavering Self-Belief Practice

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Episode Description

We make ourselves feel like self-belief is unreachable in the moments we’re gripped by fear and doubt. But when we move into a practice of duality where we accept and allow fear to be balanced by belief…instead of requiring fear to absent for belief to feel possible…we unlock a new layer of trust available to us in every moment. The trust that we can feel safe to hold more than one emotion at the same time AND consciously choose for ourselves moment by moment which part of us gets to take the stage. The truth is simply this: the absence of fear was never a requirement for you to access belief, trust and inspiration.


Introducing…The Secret Garden: a membership where brilliant coaches bloom.

The Secret Garden is a room that exists for the black sheep of our industry. A room for the heart centered, the misunderstood, and the ones who were made to feel wrong for their innate knowing they were meant to do things differently.

A room that exists to instill into you the courage to be seen for who you really are and to allow that knowing to ripple outwards into the lives of the people you’re meant to lead and serve. The lives you’re meant to change are activated through your courage…through your unique voice…and through the way that you connect with your people in a way that only you can.

But it starts with you connecting back with yourself first in a way that only YOU can.

To become a founding member listen to Episode #97 on EXPAND …and then email laura@laurapoburan.com for early access.


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