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Ep. 100 – What It Really Takes To LAUNCH™ | A Brand New Masterclass

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Episode Description

Stop Expecting The Absence Of Fear & Friction Before You Launch Your Gift Into The World.

🌻 Join me for a brand new masterclass experience I’m calling: LAUNCH™

👉🏼 This Thursday at 1pm MST

•• Use this link to join us: https://www.addevent.com/event/Ci14498173 ••

I’ll be guiding you on a journey of:

🌼 Revealing yourself…showing up…being seen…feeling stretched…and finally getting that beautiful thing you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to launch out into the world so you can stand in your gift and create the ripple you were always meant to

🌸 Discovering the natural duality of fear and ferocity that gets to exist in all of us and how to harness this inner awareness to cultivate courage amidst taking unpredictable and risky steps

🌺 Accessing your unique creative channel and trusting yourself to speak your truth even when your inner critic judges that what you have to share with the world isn’t enough or desirable

🌷 Establishing an unwavering self-belief practice while breaking down all of your hiding places that offer the justifiable “outs” you have come to rely on to avoid being visible, vocal or open to receive

🌹 Replacing your conditioned state of urgency and permanence with an intentionally adaptable, fluid and playful energy. This shift is rooted in your ability to trust yourself to hold the spaces you create and the people who step into them with you, even when things don’t go the way you wanted or expected.

I can’t wait to see you there!


Here Are a Few Ways We Can Keep This Party Going 🥳

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