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Ep. 103 – What I’m Moving On From & What I’m Moving Towards

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Episode Description

Today I share my heart with you. I offer you a glimpse into the vulnerabilities of MY REAL world. I’m exposing the pieces of me I have been hiding from you…and denying in myself. And in doing so, I’m making a new promise to you…a promise to be forthcoming and transparent about my current experiences of life…and business…and all of the emotional turbulence I so often feel but so rarely share. The promise to expose myself fully in every moment so that together we can move forward into a space where our current experience is perfect, even when its dull and dented. Even when it involves us curled up on the floor in tears of doubt. Even when we fear what that next layer will show us about ourselves and whether we are strong enough to handle it. Even then.

Here Are a Few Ways We Can Keep This Party Going 🥳

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