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Ep. 104 – BEST OF: My Fugly Journey To A Supremely Beautiful Life

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Episode Description

This episode was too juicy to not share again…I hope you enjoy this ‘Best Of’ episode of EXPAND, and that it supports you in your journey to a supremely beautiful life:

Shortly after anyone comes into my world the big question on their minds (and maybe its been on yours too) is: “how do you know about working with clients in this way…where did you learn it?”…and today I not only aim to answer this question for you, but also give you a never before told deep dive into the fugly truth about my journey and what ACTUALLY brought me where I am now.

Truth is, my story is brimming with tumultuous lows and reverential highs, much like that of any great visionary navigating the waters of an industry designed to box you in and keep your brilliance hidden away. I have been intimately entwined in the ropes of the coaching industry for 13 years now…yet it took me over a decade of trying on new versions of myself and burning down business after business for me to finally be able to witness my true calling in this space. Let’s explore it all together ❤️

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