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Ep. 108 – What If You Were Meant To Lead Your Clients Through Something Other Than Weight-Loss?

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Episode Description

What if you didn’t have to be the one to help every client lose weight? What if there was an intangible journey you got to take them on that ended up being ‘the thing’ they needed all along? A student of mine asked this question recently and I had a gut feeling that it might resonate with you, too:

“I have most of my clients track in MFP and I understand that accuracy matters and that if they’re not losing weight then they’re not in a deficit. But most seem to be eating in their range with a high focus on protein. I feel like I’m good at asking questions (or maybe I’m not asking the right ones) but often I don’t know what to do with the answers and how to turn them into action or ah-ha moments for my clients.”

In this episode, I guide you through understanding that creating breakthroughs doesn’t mean knowing the perfect questions, or the exact ‘right’ thing to say when someone is feeling emotional. The triggers your clients’ are experiencing are windows into understanding what’s causing the behaviors that they believe are sabotaging their weight-loss. Our job is not to fix these situations for them, but to help them see that the intangible parts of their journey get to exist in tandem with their physical goals. I hope this episode opens your eyes to the other opportunities you hold as you guide your clients’ on their journey. Enjoy!


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