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Ep. 120 – Doubting If You’ll Ever Really Feel Ready To Coach “This” Deep?

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Episode Description

We spend a lot of time talking about the ways in which we’re holding our clients on a deeper level. We talk about how to navigate really difficult conversations when we’re pulling emotion to the surface and moments that they’re feeling triggered or resistant…or there’s friction in the room…or they’re afraid of change…or afraid of success. We talk about a lot of strategies, tools and perspectives that we need to adopt in order to be able to hold them in the ways that we desire.

But what we don’t talk about all that often, is why we don’t all default to working with our clients in this way. Why is this the last piece of the puzzle that gets plugged in once everything else is figured out? Why do we default to making sure that we can create a tangible external result before we allow ourselves to create an intangible internal one?

In this episode, we’re going to explore your beliefs on coaching this deep & open up more opportunities for you to set up a truly transformational path – not only for your clients, but for yourself.


I’m here to help you develop a sturdy confidence and unique potency in the way you communicate with, connect to, and show up for your clients – and yourself. If you desire to link arms with me in a bigger way, here’s a few ways we can do that…

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