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Ep. 122 – Becoming An Energetic Match For The People You Desire To Serve

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Episode Description

I have a friend who is a heart-centered coach…she started her journey out as a dietician, but has since abandoned a lot of the traditional models to create a beautiful, heart-centered program.

Very recently, she wanted to launch this new program into the world. So, she hired a mentor to help her do that. She followed every step perfectly – she wrote every email, she created every social media post, she included every testimonial…she followed exactly what she was given. And she ended up selling no one into her program at the end…

As you might imagine, that disappointment felt overwhelming and could have shifted her into a really dark place. But through chatting with her and exploring this further, we were able to understand better why this happened.

I wanted to share this with you because I imagine that many of you will create programs that don’t fit the traditional mold and will experience something very similar unless we shift your perspective around how to go about launching your beautiful baby into the world in a way that feels really aligned for you.

That’s what this episode is all about. I cannot wait for you to dig in. I hope that you love it!


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