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Ep. 130 – Dismantling Time-Scarcity And Our Addictive Reach For More | Behind The Scenes of Day 1

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Episode Description

Welcome to a special two-part podcast series that my team and I decided to bring to you from The Secret Garden. In our Seasonal Immersion this past month, we were talking all about time scarcity, the ways in which we allow our relationship with time to dictate how we move in our business, how we move in our life, and what we feel available for.

This felt really important to share with my students in particular, because as they step into The Secret Garden, it’s as if time slows down a little bit. We talk a lot about soft business practice and accessing the true presence inside of what it is that we’re engaged with, and the opportunities that are available for them outside of just learning more or doing more. Perhaps most important, how realigning with what it is we desire to be engaged with in our life and in our business can allow us to create a completely different relationship with time and the way that we use time.

In this first part, I’m taking you through a few exercises. The first is an activity that’s going to set the stage for you to be able to access a deeper layer within yourself. Following that, I move you through a guided visualization. Part 2 releases later this week – be sure to come back to complete the series and learn a new way to create tangible shifts in your schedule. Get ready, buckle up. This is going to be a really beautiful two-part episode.


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