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Ep. 134 – The Fine Line Between Aligned Structure + Shackles

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Episode Description

I attended a new yoga class recently where the instructor presented us with a quote that I felt so connected to that I couldn’t help but bring it forward to you. He said, “Alignment is awareness in action”…

The truth is, alignment is not the absence of discomfort…alignment is intentionally choosing even when we’re uncomfortable. It’s not chasing a specific outcome, but rather chasing the intention of what you’re seeking to embody in the work you do with your clients and in your business.

For many years, I falsely believed that in order to be in alignment, I no longer had to experience pain, or discomfort, or uncertainty. Specifically, around who I was, what I was saying, the money I was making, the clients I was receiving…and really just the way in which I felt throughout my day, every single day.

I chased alignment through the lens of escapism. I chased alignment through the lens of ‘how can I remove all of the things that don’t feel good or trigger me so that I can live in a state of ease and peace.’

I have come to realize recently that alignment and peace are not one-in-the-same. I hope that you’ll take some time and let these words land in you so that you can begin to look outside of the rules of alignment that your mind has created…and begin to open yourself up to what that could actually mean for you.


I’m here to help you develop a sturdy confidence and unique potency in the way you communicate with, connect to, and show up for your clients – and yourself. If you desire to link arms with me in a bigger way, here’s a few ways we can do that…

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