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Ep. 138 – How To Soften On The Hard Days

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Episode Description

The conversation around self doubt and wanting to give up in our industry needs to change.

After a disheartening experience with a past mentor around this ^ topic, I vowed never to make someone else feel alone & never to put myself above another. From that place, I really committed to a new depth of vulnerability with you and with myself.

In this episode, I felt emotionally hung over from a day filled with self doubt. It would be so easy for me to pretend that didn’t happen. No one saw me yesterday, I didn’t have to show up on camera. I wasn’t teaching, I wasn’t creating, I was just with myself. In those moments as leaders in this space, we have the option to either hide those parts of our journey away or share them. So today, I’m sharing with you that I myself struggle with cyclical patterns of self doubt.

So many of the people that I work with are rebels, they are the black sheep…they’re the people who don’t fit seamlessly into the programs that give you a formula and ‘promise’ you that it’s going to work. I imagine you’re probably similar. I want to invite you to practice holding space around what it is that’s coming up for you when you’re having a day where you feel…misunderstood. When you experience difficult emotions and need to lean back into trust. I hope this episode speaks to you when you most need it.


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