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Ep 14: Emily Hayden – Moving Through Pain Towards Life and Abundance

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Pain and trials cause a lot of heartbreak. To evolve into the person you want to be, you need to feel the pain and get rid of limiting beliefs. Emily Hayden, IFBB Pro, and YouTube LifeStyle Coach, joins Laura to share about this change. Listen to hear how hardship can shape you into someone who can help others.

“Every limiting belief that you have is… true only because you’ve decided that it is true.”

-Emily Hayden

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1:21 – Pushing through hardships for yourself

5:06 – Seeing the end of your world as the beginning of a new world for your life

8:11 – How Emily uses her own past in her coaching of others

10:35 – Feel the pain and struggle in order to move past it and use it

16:42 – Seeing your emotions as evidence for how much you care

18:00 – Realizing when you can help other people as you EVOLVE through hardship

22:13 – How to get rid of self-doubt

26:28 – Get started with your change


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