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Ep 17: Laura Poburan – What Actually Matters When Trying to Lose Weight

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Laura gets down to the nitty-gritty.  What is the measure of your success?  Are you eating the right balance of food?  How is your water intake?  Is the app you are using tracking wrong, or is it the user?  Take control back into your own hands.

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“Figure out the real reason why you want to lose weight.”

– Laura Poburan


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1:47 – Why I get frustrated

5:26 – What is the real reason you want to lose weight?

9:45 – Let’s break it down

10:27 – What is your measure of success?

14:00 – Why is protein important?

16:14 – What protein and water do for you

21:40 – Consistency and patience

23:00 – Put the power back into your hands


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