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Ep 19: Let Go of Your Fears and Lean-In to Discomfort

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Did you know that there are two types of fear? Do you know what they are and where they come from?  In this podcast, Laura breaks them down for us. Laura highly suggests that you name your fear and explains why.  In order to reach your goal, Laura guides you on how to let go of fear and jump into discomfort.

“Other people’s opinions of you are NONE of your business…It just doesn’t matter.”

-Laura Poburan

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1:27 – Two main types of fear that keep you from taking the leap

2:10 – Where does the fear of failure come from?

5:03 – Laura wants to challenge you

9:08 – Your solutions to overcoming the fear of failure

13:12 – How is fear an emotion?

15:51 – Action steps to help you get you through the fear of emotion

20:13 – Is your mindset in the right place?



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