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Ep 21: Don’t Give Up Before You Strike Gold

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Are you on the hunt for weight loss or a healthier mindset?  Don’t let the setbacks and plateaus stall you in your progress.  There are strategies to work through the plateaus and Laura helps to break them down for you in this podcast.  If you embrace fear, you are much more likely to work through the setbacks you have along the way.


“You have never failed!  You have only ever been in a place where you are meant to learn something.”

-Laura Poburan


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1:54 – Why is change hard for people?

4:15 – As you move through change, you should expect resistance

7:58 – Fear shows itself when you show a sign of weakness

9:52 – How to work through the physical plateaus, is there something else you should be focusing on?

12:42 – Confidence starts on the inside.  Are you telling yourself lies? Has someone else told you a lie and you are believing it?

14:54 – What is the one small thing that you could do this week that can help push you one step closer to the life you want to live?

16:30 – Embrace the plateau, there is a reason you are here

18:19 – Weight loss is never the end goal, peel back the layers to find out why you want to lose the weight



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