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Ep 23: A New Year Does Not Guarantee and New You

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Join Laura on this solo-cast to really kick off the new year with some tough love. She takes through a self-discovery process of how our perception of our external life is actually a direct reflection of what is going on internally. Join Laura on this episode to learn how to transform your beliefs (and ultimately your reality), how to ask for (and receive) what you need to thrive in your life and how to stop pursuing external validations by learning to make simple choices that have immense potential to transform your mindset.


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1:40 – How do you perceive your life?

3:11 – Who is really responsible for your happiness; you or them?

5:15 – The harsh reality of the new year compared to every other year

8:00 – Reframe your outlook 10:30 – Are you giving yourself permission to feel amazing?

12:13 – How to avoid the self-sabotage as you progress in your weight-loss journey 16:00 – Your vulnerability permission slip

17:48 – Stop waiting for the new year “reset button” and start taking action now



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